caffee capri italian blend coffee
caffee capri italian blend coffee

Each varietal coffee that we utilize is roasted, and then skillfully blended to bring out the unique flavor characteristics that are found in each distinct blend:  a process known as "post-blending."  These varietals have their own specific properties based on the climatic conditions of the coffee growing region, so our roasters must use their understanding and appreciation of nature's impact on our green beans in order to create our masterful blends.

We work directly with farmers and distributors around the world, building on years of strong relationships to ensure a high-quality, reliable, and consistent supply.  By choosing to purchase green coffee from a multitude of farmers, we are able to source the best beans possible, and also help small family farmers maintain viable coffee-growing operations.

By selectively choosing the best green beans and relying on our skilled roasters' years of experience and knowledge, Caffe Capri` is able to produce the perfect coffee every time.

Mattino Breakfast Blend
Northwest House Blend
Sorrento Blend
Amalfi Roast
Italian Roast
French Roast
Mild, Mellow  - A great coffee to start your day
Sweet, Soft, Suttle   - All the flavors of the Northwest
Creamy, Fruity, Pungent - Velvety for your taste buds
Smooth, Balanced, Nutty - Enjoy the flavors of the Amalfi Coast
Rich, Smooth, Bold - Satisfies your palate
Strong, Spicy, Full Body - Excellent for Coffee Lovers

Every signature blend we roast at Caffé Capri embodies our dedication to traditional Italian coffee roasting. We are passionate about producing only the best tasting coffee, and pairing it with exceptional service at every single location.

Break away from your normal coffee routine, and enjoy a truly cherished cup of coffee from one of the finest artisan roasters in the world. Caffé Capri.


Single Serve Cups

Premium Italia Coffee - Convenient Format

Looking for a great tasting single serve option that is far beyond any competitor in quality and taste? You have found it! We roast every bean that goes into our single serve cups, rather than handing over a recipe to a third party, so you get a much more complex flavor profile as well as a higher quality product. Try them today at your nearest Caffé Capri retail location.


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